Monday, February 18, 2013

Number of California Real Estate Licensees Continues Trend

And the trend is downward.

If you will remember, we wrote about the declining number of California real estate licensees in January of 2012, covering data through October of 2011: Number of Real Estate Agents Continues to Decline

Now we can add another year into the statistics, and even bring the data up-to-date with the most recent month available (December, 2012) from the California Department of Real Estate:

Month, Year          Number of "salesperson" licensees

December, 2012   274,563
October,    2012    276,639
October,    2011    291,623
October,    2010    322,009
October,    2009    356,199
October,    2008    383,118
October,    2007    398,176
October,    2006    376,561
October,    2005    336,827

It will be interesting to watch the trend -  as the real estate market picks up will we see an upturn in the number of licensees?  Those of us who have been in the business - and this IS our business - just "roll with the punches" in any real estate market.  We're here for the "long haul."

Wishing everyone a happy President's Day!

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