Friday, August 03, 2012

California Moving Habits

Another interesting infographic from the California Association of Realtors.  This one shows the migration to California, moving within the state, and flight from living in "The Golden State."  The statistics indicate more people are modeling the state motto - "Eureka"  ("I have found it").


Will K said...

Interesting. I live near Silicon Valley, CA. We are seeing a lot of movement around the county, corporate relocations from other states to our fine state, and a number of baby boomers leaving the state taking proceeds and going to a more cost friendly state. Thanks for sharing

Mike said...

Thanks for this very nice infographic. I've seen too many movements per state. What do you think is the reason why Californians keep on moving?

Fran and Rowena said...

Mike - in our area, the main reasons for a move would be (1) change in employment and (2) life change such as retirement or downsizing because children have moved out of the home.