Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fran and Rowena real estate agents on Facebook

With change comes opportunity!

As of March 30, Facebook is converting Fan pages to the Timeline design.  It allows businesses to create unique branding via the "cover photo" and "profile photo", with the ability to create custom "tabs".  Facebook has guidelines for cover photos, so read up on them first.  You can also use the "Milestone" feature to show the growth and evolution of your business.

Yes ... it's a change.  But ... what an opportunity!

We have updated our Facebook page to the new Timeline design with a unique cover photo to showcase our "brand" as real estate agents. It's what we do and represent ... your success in finding a home.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

Fran and Rowena real estate agents

You can view our page here:  Fran and Rowena real estate agents 

Facebook is always changing, and as real estate agents we also face change in our business.  We welcome change, and keeping up with the current real estate, financial, and economic markets plus social trends.


Baltimore Real Estate said...

I think you did a very nice job of integrating Facebook with real estate using the new design. A lot of realtors in Baltimore,MD have been looking for a new way to work with Facebooks time-line design.

Gabe Sanders said...

Fran and Rowena, your page looks great. I hope it generates lots of business for you.

Dave Ainger said...

The new page looks great! You have inspired me to continue to use Facebook and blogging as a resource for Real Estate. Thank you

David Jack said...

The page looks attractive now!

Jass Simth said...

it is a great post and you are right about remodeling kitchen and bathroom. because its a main part of our houses. Victoria BC Real Estate

Jay Valento said...

It looks great Fran.