Saturday, January 28, 2012

Number of Real Estate Agents Continues to Decline

The California Department of Real Estate (CA DRE) "salesperson" licensees continues to decline from the peak in 2007.

Statistics available from the CA DRE website show the following:
Month, Year       Number of "salesperson" licensees
October, 2011    291,623
October, 2010    322,009
October, 2009    356,199
October, 2008    383,118
October, 2007    398,176
October, 2006    376,561
October, 2005    336,827

Yes, it would appear that the number of real estate licensees has mirrored the economic environment.  You can see the decline in the numbers of licensees from 2007 through now, as with the economic downturn. 

We think we continue to see the number go down.  From what we are hearing, many agents who have been holding on in the business are about at the point where they feel it necessary to get a "real job" - one with steady income and, possibly, benefits.

What do you think?

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