Saturday, January 28, 2012

Number of Real Estate Agents Continues to Decline

The California Department of Real Estate (CA DRE) "salesperson" licensees continues to decline from the peak in 2007.

Statistics available from the CA DRE website show the following:
Month, Year       Number of "salesperson" licensees
October, 2011    291,623
October, 2010    322,009
October, 2009    356,199
October, 2008    383,118
October, 2007    398,176
October, 2006    376,561
October, 2005    336,827

Yes, it would appear that the number of real estate licensees has mirrored the economic environment.  You can see the decline in the numbers of licensees from 2007 through now, as with the economic downturn. 

We think we continue to see the number go down.  From what we are hearing, many agents who have been holding on in the business are about at the point where they feel it necessary to get a "real job" - one with steady income and, possibly, benefits.

What do you think?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Should you remodel in your city?

Remodeling Magazine has issued their second annual forecast on the top 100 cities in terms of remodeling activity when measured against "the level of activity in first-quarter 2007, which was the peak of remodeling activity nationally in the prior decade."  They have dubbed their "measuring stick" to be the Residential Remodeling Index ("RRI").  We find their list an interesting commentary on the health of the nationwide real estate market.  One wonders - Does this remodeling index point to and correlate with the sales activity in that community as well?  Or is it the indication that homeowners are staying in their homes and remodeling rather than moving?

In order, the top ten based on the RRI are:  Cincinnati, Houston, Minneapolis, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Kansas City, Charlotte (North Carolina), Oklahoma City and Philadelphia.

In our state, California, the following cities made the list:  San Francisco (#35), San Diego (#49), Sacramento (tied for #51), San Jose (tied for #54), Los Angeles (#66), Riverside (#79), Ventura (#84).

Did your city make the list?  Check it out here:  Top 100 Remodeling Markets

Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Real Estate Market Heats Up

Yes, it may still be winter, but the real estate market has started with an early thaw.

Real estate agents report that phone calls into their office have increased in number since the doldrums of the holiday real estate market.

Open houses have been well-attended.  A recent open house on our new listing was busy from the moment the door opened, until closing.  Buyers were not only looking at the house, but talking about their plans to purchase.  This represents a change from the general outlook during 2011, when buyers were more hesitant to express their desire to purchase, and seemed more "on the fence" about buying a home.

FreddieMac recently came out with their January 2012 Economic Outlook.     You can read the pdf version here.

While those who make predictions are hedging their real estate bets, the home buyers we are talking with have an optimistic outlook on their home buying prospects.  Historically low interest rates and lower home prices certainly are contributing to this positive feeling.  Also, buyers are feeling more "settled" in their jobs.

Sellers may see an increase in activity.  Indeed, one of our recent new listings received multiple offers within the first week of marketing.   We encourage sellers to take a hard, realistic look at their listing price before putting their property on the market.  We find that sellers who are pricing their homes more in line with the marketplace, without an extra "pad" in the price, are creating an encouraging signal to home buyers.

Yes, it's a winter thaw.   Let's hope the real estate market continues to bloom in spring, and heat up in summer!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

4855 Ocean View Blvd., La Canada, CA 91011

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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Fran and Rowena Year End 2011

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