Saturday, February 06, 2010

Economy: What's the 2010 housing market outlook?

CBS Channel 2 in Los Angeles has a one hour special on this Sunday that will air after the Super Bowl (at approximately 8 pm). Titled "2010: New Decade, New Hope", it explores what this new decade may look like and how it will affect our lives.

As part of that timely special report, we were asked to sit down for an interview with veteran news anchor Paul Magers. Spending an afternoon with Paul and the skilled CBS 2 technical team, we covered many aspects of real estate --- sharing personal stories, and thoughts on real estate today, and in the future.

You can view and read the segment online here:
Economy: Is The Housing Crisis Coming To An End?

There's a web-extra 17+ minutes of interview - Paul Magers discussing the housing market for buyers and sellers with Fran and Rowena - online here:
Web Extra: Realtors Discuss Local Real Estate Market

It was an interesting discussion, to become part of a bigger picture on the economy. The hour-long special on Sunday should have thoughtful insights into what's ahead for all of us. With the economy weighing so heavily on us all, this program is a "must see".

So - set your TiVo, program your VCRs, hit the "record" button ... or just watch along with us on Sunday after the Super Bowl, around 8 pm on CBS 2 Los Angeles.

Paul Magers with realtors Fran and Rowena

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