Thursday, May 21, 2009

Unclaimed Property and Money

Who knew after we posted a link on Facebook last night to search for unclaimed property that there would be such a reaction? To our surprise we found money for our family members, and now several friends and clients have told us that they have found money and property (a safe deposit box) too!

So, we thought we would share it with our friends who read this blog.

While it's not "real estate", it is "property" ... so allow us the latitude, please.

There may be money or property for you - just waiting to be claimed! In the state of California, you can search for unclaimed property here:
California unclaimed property search

We used the "individual search" function and started by putting only a last name. When there were too many results, we put only the first initial of the first name (in case there were any derivatives of the first name).

Other states have similar searches. Put "unclaimed property search" + (state name) in your search bar to find the link and start searching!

Let us know if you find money or property! Send us an email: blog(at)

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