Friday, December 05, 2008

Use Smudging to sell real estate?

Selling real estate? Have you tried "smudging"?

What's "smudging" you ask? It's a Native American ritual used to cleanse spaces, clear the "energy".

There are many reference to smudging online.
calls it "spiritual house cleaning".

In today's real estate market, home sellers and real estate agents are looking for new ways to market a home, and for ways to "re-energize" their marketing efforts.

While not a traditional marketing method, perhaps "old ways are best" applies in this case, and you might want to try smudging to give your home a fresh energy and spirit.

Have you tried smudging or any other interesting way to market a home? Let us know! Send us an email with your experience, and we will post the responses on our Blog.

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