Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Get ready for 2007!

We're receiving a lot of calls in our office for people who are thinking about selling in 2007. Good for them! Planning ahead is an important step when selling real estate.

What should you do if you are thinking of selling? We suggest you invite your realtor - or maybe more than one realtor - to see your home.

First, a realtor can give you an estimated market price, but remember ... that will be today's price. You will want an updated market value analysis at the time you put your home on the market.

Then, ask the realtor for any suggestions to make your home more appealing and/or will possibly add value to your home. Need paint? Carpet? De-clutter? Landscaping (weather permitting)? Getting an experienced salesperson's opinion can be the difference in marketing time and value for your home. By the way - we find that contractors get busier as spring approaches. Get on your contractor's worklist now so that your home will be ready when you are.

Third, use this information to plan your next step. And, then look into the real estate market in that area. If you don't have an agent in that area, ask your realtor for a referral agent.

Planning now for tomorrow is prudent in many parts of our lives. We find it's the same in real estate.

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