Saturday, November 26, 2005

City Crime Rankings released

Where's the safest city in the United States? Well, according to a new survey by Morgan Quitno Press, a Lawrence, Kansas-based publishing and research company, for the second year in a row it's Newton, Mass.

There are six California cities named among the top 25:
#4 - Mission Viejo, CA
#7 - Thousand Oaks, CA
#9 - Lake Forest, CA
#13 - Irvine, CA
#17 - Sunnyvale, CA
#22 - Simi Valley, CA

And the most dangerous city in the United States? The report names Camden, New Jersey with that title.

In the top 25 most dangerous cities, California has four noted:
#11 - Richmond, CA
#15 - Compton, CA
#18 - San Bernardino, CA
#21 - Oakland, CA

To see more rankings (including rankings by population group): City Crime Rankings

To read more about the survey: City Crime Rankings survey

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