Friday, October 28, 2005

Thoughts on moving to distant places ...

All too often in our business we see people who "pick up" and move to other states, or just to a different area of California. And, we also hear about the ups and downs of the adjustments necessary for this transition. Some return, and some continue to move around the country in search of that perfect locale.

We'd like to share some of what we hear from clients who have made moves:

1. Think about renting in your new location. Just because you enjoyed seasonal visits or a few "scouting" trips to a city, doesn't mean you'll enjoy year-round living there.
2. Remember you may have to relocate key service professionals such as your doctor, dentist, etc.
3. Plan for bad weather (if applicable) - appropriate clothing, transportation, and even having adequate supplies on hand (including medication).
4. Consider family and friends. How easy will it be for you to visit them, or them to visit you?
5. Spend time investigating housing and job opportunities (if applicable) before you move.

If you have advice we should pass along to our readers, please let us know! We can be reached via the email link on the right side of our Blog.

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