Sunday, August 28, 2005

Real estate blogs growing

Our observation is that the number of real estate blogs is growing! A quick search of Google for the term "real estate blog" produces 137,000 entries (note which real estate blog is listed first ... a shameless plug).

We feel this is good news for all. A blog is a good way for a realtor to stay in touch with their clients, and provide information. And, of course the public gets the benefit of the information!

And, each blog takes on it's own life, and goes in it's own direction. Some realtors use their blog to promote their business, and their listings. Other realtors provide local information. There are some that chronicle items of general interest. There's a real estate blog for everyone!

What makes a good real estate blog? Well, that's subjective, of course, but our opinion is that a good real estate blog (or any blog, for that matter) is first and foremost, one that is maintained on a regular basis. Every day, every other day, once a week ... whatever the timing, it should be such that a reader can expect blog entries to be current. Too many real estate blogs are started, then abandoned. It's disappointing to us to revisit a real estate blog only to see that there has not been an entry for weeks, or months. Second, a good real estate blog will be focused on the subject and mindful of the readership. We feel it is important to remember that the people who read the blog are expecting some amount of consistency. Third, it is helpful if readers provide feedback to the blog author.

In that light, we would love to receive your thoughts and comments. Feel free to use our email link on the top right corner of this blog to give us your feedback. What is important to you, our most important audience? And, let us know if you would like more information on certain topics!

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