Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Californians affect the rest of the U.S. housing market

I'm on a trip to North Carolina right now. I had an interesting talk with a native resident today. Once he found out that I am a real estate agent in California, well... let's just say he had plenty to say.

First of all, he said Californians are moving here and raising the property taxes. Why? Well, there's no Prop 13 taxes here. Property taxes are raised to pay for what is needed. He said there is a need to build many more schools now, due to the influx of people.

There is SO much construction around what was once open land. He said if you are in construction, you are now "filthy rich" from working here.

A sign of the times ... I went to a car dealer in what is going to be an autopark mall with seven dealers. He said what's happening now is that literally, they are selling the family farm. By that, he used the autopark as an example. It was owned by a family, the parents died, and the children sold the land that is now being developed for the autopark mall. The sadness set in when we drove by a little grove area in the middle of the autopark mall, and he pointed to an area that had gravestones that were the family's graveyard. The graveyard is all that remains of the family's history with the land, and it soon will be covered by the lush greenery. Not to be seen by anyone driving by.

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