Sunday, January 09, 2005

California statistics ... interesting!

Think California is crowded with expensive housing? Well, you're right!

According to the California Coalition for Rural Housing:

. "One of every nine Americans is a Californian; at current rates of population growth, one of every eight Americans will live in California by the year 2006."

. "California has the second-highest ratio of persons to housing units in the country at 2.77:1 (only Utah's ratio is higher)."

. "California currently ranks 48th among the 50 states in rate of homeownership; whereas the nation in 2002 reached an historic high of 67.9 percent, the state's rate is 58 percent."

. "California has six of the 10 least affordable, metropolitan rental housing markets based on the "housing wage" needed to afford a two-bedroom apartment at 30 percent of income. Statewide, the housing wage is $19.69, second only to Massachusetts."

To read other interesting facts, read the online information here.

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