Friday, October 01, 2004

To fix or not to fix ...

When you think of selling your home, it may be useful to equate it to selling a car. First of all, you would have your car detailed before selling it. Wash, wax, remove dents, touch up paint, clean the interior, etc. So, why not "detail your home" before selling it? Makes sense!

Many homeowners have seen the benefit of sprucing up their property before selling. Buyers have an easier time of mentally placing themselves in the home if they are also not trying to remodel the home.

Sometimes it is less clear, however, if the effort to fix up a home before selling will truly pay off. That's where a real estate professional may be able to help you. We are often consulted to help a homeowner analyze just how far they should or should not go to get their home ready to sell. Every seller's situation is different.

It also depends on the current real estate market. In some markets, fixing up is not necessary for a home to sell for top dollar. In other real estate market climates, making a home in "move in" condition would be necessary to obtain a sale.

When you are wrestling with this tough decision, do not hesitate to call your local realtor and ask for help. Their opinion and comments may save you money fixing up your home, and make you money in selling your home!

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