Sunday, October 10, 2004

Observations from the east coast

Having just returned from the east coast (visiting child at college), I must report about my conversations about real estate along the way.

While at breakfast this morning, a couple from New Jersey shared their tale of a real estate market that has gone flat.

Another from Arizona lamented to me that he was not able to return to his Southern California roots because of skyrocketing prices here.

And all wanted to hear about our Southern California real estate market from someone actively involved in it (me!). Their perception was that home prices were "out of sight" and that people were lining up to buy homes. In talking with them, I sensed a bit of envy over the money part of the market, but each person I talked with was happy living in the community that they were living in. In fact, they raved about their towns!

It's not always about the money. Quality of life, family, and other factors can influence where you choose to live ... and how happy you are living there!

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