Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Condominium/Townhouse or House?

Many people are turning to condominiums/townhouses as affordable alternatives to a single family residence. The price of homes has risen so much that in order to be able to afford to get in the real estate market, buyers are opting for condos and townhouses.

If you are considering a condo or townhouse, consider some of these factors:
1. Homeowner's association dues and what the dues cover
2. Your feeling about living close to other people
3. Your feeling about having a governing body (homeowner's association) with rules and regulations
4. Amenities of the association
5. Association-provided maintenance
6. Is there a yard - patio - balcony?
7. Parking - including guest parking
8. Security
9. How many units in the complex are owner-occupied and how many are rented?

Certainly there are more considerations for your personal situation, but this list may give you a beginning!

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