Thursday, June 10, 2004

And, a word about open houses...

We have seen an increasing number of open houses in our area recently. Have you? It seems that on Sunday afternoon you can find realtor directional signs on nearly every corner.

And should you do an open house? Perhaps. If your home has been on the market with no interestd buyers, having an open house is one more tool for your realtor to use to market your property.

What? Your realtor doesn't do open houses? Nonsense! If your realtor won't, ask them to have another agent in their company host the Sunday open house. And, make sure the open house is advertised! Also, have your realtor put a "sign rider" on the for sale sign in front of your house advertising the Sunday open house. In that way, people driving by are encouraged to attend!

An increase of open houses seems to be one more sign that the real estate market may be changing. Homes are not selling as quickly, and the number of available properties is growing.

How's the market in your area? Let us know!

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