Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Easy fix-ups for your home - prepare your home for sale

As part of the marketing strategy for a home, home sellers may want to do easy fix-ups to get their home ready to sell. Now is a great time to do those repairs, as it is an easier time to get assistance (repair people/contractors are not as busy) and you will beat the spring rush!

Simple repairs are:
. touch up paint on trim around doors, in high traffic areas
. replace broken windows
. repair leaking plumbing
. have heater and air conditioning units cleaned and serviced
. do early spring cleaning - donate unused/unwanted items, organize
. rearrange furniture to make rooms more spacious
. remove debris from basement, around yard, garage, etc.
. repair broken knobs, latches, hinges, etc.

If you work a little at a time, your property will be ready to sell soon!

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