Friday, December 12, 2003

Topics for Seniors - Downsizing
In an effort to continue our seniors real estate issues, today we want to mention a few strategies regarding downsizing. This important decision can be very exciting, yet many approach it with apprehension. Consider it a new chapter in your life! Embrace the change, and your positive attitude will carry you through the necessary steps.

Consider the location first.
Determine the size of property you will need.
Think about amenities you would like.
Start to go through your current home and sort through the items. Give things to family members and friends, donate, etc. Think about your future needs ... if you don't plan to have a yard, or plan to have a small yard, you might not need all of the gardening tools you have.
Consult with your tax advisor, estate planner, etc. to see the effect that timing will have on your decision.

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