Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Property Taxes are Due!
If you live in California, the first half of your property taxes are "due" (actually read on about the word "due" ... ) today!

Here's how it works . . .

The property tax fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.
Tax bills are sent around the last week in October.
The first installment (covering July 1 to December 31) is due November 1, but delinquent after December 10 (but we all generally think they're "due" on December 10).
The second installment (covering January 1 to June 30) is due March 1, but delinquent after April 10.

Don't you love how the timing is here . . . December 10 (around the time you're spending all that money on the holidays) and April 10 (around the time you're writing a check to the government for income tax).

Well, that's the way it is!

For further information, we urge you to visit the tax assessor's online info site.
For Los Angeles County, there is an extensive site for the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor

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