Saturday, December 06, 2003

Holiday Shopping with Home in mind

As we head into the holiday season, remember that home owners (especially first time homeowners) might appreciate a gift for their home! Stuck for ideas? Here are some of ours:
. Cute "themed" mailbox
. Personalized houseplaque (with name and address on it)
. House ornament, personalized with address, year, name, etc.
. Pen and ink house sketch, house painting, etc.
. Subscription to "house"-type magazine or periodical
. Theme gift basket - garden, cooking, etc. Put items in a cleaver, reusable, container such as a ice bucket, picnic basket.
. Live plant, tree
. Some cities have somewhere that old photographs are kept - historical society, etc. See if you can locate an early photo of their home and frame it!
. If their home was designed by a known architect, give a book on that architect
. Stationery with photo of their house (and them!) or personalized return address labels (can you make them on your computer?)
. Home repair book, helpful hints book, etc.
. Home inventory computer program (p.s. you can download a free one from our website)
. Fireproof safebox for valuables/papers
. Flashlights that plug into the wall for use when power is lost
. Anything homemade by you for them!

Use your imagination and have fun!
What's your favorite idea? Send us an email and we'll include it in our blog!

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